There are a lot of ‘things’ in this category. Most we could probably do without, but we decided early on that this bike touring was going to be comfortable. These frivolous things certainly make the journey more enjoyable.

toilet roll holder trimFirst is the Sea to Summit Ultra Sil toilet roll holder. Yup, a total luxury item, it keeps out toilet roll nice and dry for when nature calls. It has a cord that can go around your neck for hands free operation and I’ve attached a ‘Bear Whistle’ just in case one of us gets into trouble during our ablutions.

Next, a Sea to Summit small back pack. This comes in handy during travel days. It can hold food, drinks, electronics, a day packcamera and spare jumpers. It also folds up into a teeny stuff sack the size of a set of car keys, so I don’t feel too guilty about this one.

Also a pencil case and note book. Having all the electronics in the world is all well and good, but sometimes you just want to scribble something down.

We also have a small sewing kit, a container with spare parts for the stove and water filter, a tool kit for basic bike repairs, a bike pump, 2 x stubbie coolers, Mosquito Coils, a plastic, fold-able wine bottle (oh no, my secret’s out….), a shovel, a tent light & two head torches, zip ties, zip lock bags, a first aid kit, sunscreen, camera tri-pod, re-usable shopping bag and washing pegs. I wasn’t going to worry about the pegs, but when we tried to dry some washing in windy conditions it didn’t take long to rush out and grab a packet.

We also carry a deck of cards. Andrew tried to teach me how to play Euchre on the Ferry back from Tasmania, but it was a big disaster.

Then there’s the 2 trouser straps that keep our long pants from getting caught in the chain when we are sightseeing on our bikes. A few packets of travel wet wipes for sweaty faces and dirty hands, Inge’s Female Urination Device (super easy to use and very handy for when there are no bushes along the roadside).

You might think that with all these things our bags would be chockers? Well actually, no. Except for the clothing panniers, everything else is only about half full. When adding up the our total volume in our panniers, rack pack and handle bar bag, we have approx 242 litres. That sounds like a LOT, but when you consider that a normal bath-tub is about 1.5m long by 0.6m wide by 0.3m deep which = 270 litres (approx). Yes, all our worldly possessions can fit comfortably inside a bathtub!


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